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Swing Control Allows You to Focus on Golf, Not on What You Are Wearing

Ever since the founding of the sport, golf has always placed importance on what its players wear. Up to this day, wearing the right kind of clothing is still considered part of golf course etiquette. Furthermore, an emphasis on membership privileges also made it a sport that seemed to be reserved only for the elite. As time went by, however, dress codes in golf became less restrictive, and the game itself evolved into something that anyone can do as a hobby or as a profession.


However, despite these changes, almost all golf courses today still require players to wear certain types of shirts and golf bottoms. Some golf course managers may even call your attention if what you’re wearing is deemed distasteful or too unconventional. This is true for both male and female golfers.


Style and Performance


In addition to wearing the right kind of golf wear, you must also think about the quality of the clothes. Opt for apparel that not only looks good but can also help you improve your golf game. Remember, it’s wonderful to have stylish golf wear, but it’s even better if they are functional and don’t scrimp on the performance aspect.


When it comes to tops, the safest choice and most accepted type of shirts are ones that sport collars, such as polo shirts. You can even get away with wearing sleeveless tops, as long as they are collared. If you want to achieve a more multi-dimensional and interesting look, you can also layer your shirt with jackets, vests, pullovers, and other outerwear.


Whatever you do, just remember that denim is a general no-no in the world of golf. Muted down colors are also preferred, but they are not a requirement. Moreover, make sure that your tops are the right fit and are breathable so that they won’t hinder your swings.


Fashionable and Quality Golf Bottoms from Swing Control


When it comes to bottom-wear, you’ll want something well-fitting so that you won’t be self-conscious as you take shots from the fairway or as you putt on the green. Here at Swing Control, we create fabulous golf bottoms that look amazing on any body type.


Aside from having chic designs, our products are also made of Techno Stretch fabric. This fabric is a combination of lycra, nylon, and rayon, and it offers high stretchability that allows maximum freedom of movement. This is useful for when you are priming for a swing, as your hips, knees, thighs, and ankles all need to be able to bend and twist without restriction. Aside from this, our products’ unique Tummy Control Tech can smoothen and hug the contours of your body well, giving you a slim and flattering figure.


With the functionality and stylishness of our selection of high-quality pants, shorts, skorts, and capris, you’ll feel comfortable and more confident on the course. This leaves you free to concentrate on the most important thing: your golf swings and shots.

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