How to Rock the Athleisure Look

All over the world, the althleisure trend is growing. The word—a portmanteau of “athletics” and “leisure”—refers to sporty apparel that can also be worn as everyday wear, which

means that people are ditching their ill-fitting, worn-out sportswear for more stylish get-ups that they can wear even outside of the gym or court. And this trend is spreading even to golf, where the plain old outfits of the past years are being replaced with more fashionable ones.


While we don’t expect you to turn up in sweatshirts during your next round of golf, we’re providing you with some tips to help you dress better while on the fairways.


Get the Perfect Fit


Don’t try to squeeze yourself into a size 4 when you’re a size 8. Something that’s too tight or too loose won’t do your look any favor, plus it will be uncomfortable when you’re playing golf. Hence, it’s important to choose the right size and the right cut for your body. By picking the right size, you can move freely and play comfortably; when you don clothes of the right cut, you can create a more flattering appearance. This is especially true of the athleisure look, as this trend puts an equal emphasis on both comfort and fashion.


For example, Swing Control’s golf pants, capris, shorts, and skorts feature a built-in waistband that helps create a flatter belly while lending more abdominal support. And don’t worry about finding the right fit, as these clothes are made from a stretch fabric that even lets you go down a size without the garment ending up too tight.


Choose the Right Fabric


Golf may not be the most strenuous of sports. However, you will still spend some time playing under the hot sun. That’s why it’s still important to wear clothes made of lightweight, breathable fabric—preferably moisture-wicking, quick-drying ones. These will help you feel more comfortable while you play because you won’t feel too hot or sticky when wearing clothes made from the right fabric. After all, no one wants to look drenched in sweat when going back to the clubhouse.


Add  a Splash of Color


Loud colors were first introduced to golf fashion back in the 1970s as part of that era’s flamboyant style. And while these colors are still available today, toned-down versions of these hues are better-suited for today’s athleisure look. Pastel shades, for instance, are perfect for adding a hint of color to your outfit, without being too attention-grabbing while playing on the course.


Be Pretty in Print


Of course, colors are just a start. Swing Control also offers golf bottoms with printed designs, from patterns to flowers. These prints are the perfect partner for plain-colored tops, as wearing too many prints at one time can lead to a confusing jumble of colors.




Make sure you have the right accessories to complete the athleisure look. Top your ensemble off with a classic visor, or wear a simple gold or silver necklace that’s paired with matching earrings. A pair of gloves and a wristwatch with a slim steel band is also are also nice additions.


Armed with these five tips, you can easily create the athleisure look when playing on the golf course—and even off it. For more golf fashion advice, follow the Swing Control blog today!

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