What We Love Most About the Game of Golf

Many people think of golf as just a rich man’s game—something only CEOs and other business types do in their spare time. In  their minds, these wealthy individuals treat the fairways as an extension of the boardroom, a place where hands are shook and deals are sealed. However, golf is more than that for its fans. Here are five things that we love about this beautiful, genteel sport:


The Calm and Focus


Many popular sports such as basketball rely on upping the tempo throughout the match. While golf doesn’t run out of thrilling moments, the game is played in a much quieter manner. Both players and spectators generally stay quiet throughout the match—a kind of politeness that’s rarely seen or heard in other sports, save perhaps tennis.


There are only a few moments of applause or cheer in a golf match. This quiet is even something you’d easily notice whether you’re watching on TV or live. The silence is usually broken only when a shot is perfectly executed and the ball goes into the hole.


This calm and focused approach is one reason why many people become enamored with golf. After all, if you’ve already survived a hectic workweek of chasing deadlines, you wouldn’t want to spend your weekend on the edge. You’d go for a more calming yet focused activity such as golf.


The Social Aspect


Yes, golf is not just for CEOs who want to socialize with clients or to network. However, it’s hard to deny the social aspects of the game. Since it’s played at a more leisurely pace, it’s also a great way to bond with family or friends.


The Fashion


Unlike other sports that require players to wear a specific uniform or jersey, golf generally allows people to wear what they want on the course—within specific rules and limits, of course. This has resulted in an interesting mix of colors and styles worn by golfers everywhere. From pastel shirts paired with floral-patterned skorts to printed golf pants paired with shirts in block colors, there are many options for golf fashion today.


The Timelessness of the Game


Since it’s not a too-strenuous activity, it’s common for people to play golf well into old age. Some even say that there’s really no retirement age for golf; as long as you can walk and swing the club, you can play. On top of that, walking around the golf course can also do your health some good—the perfect form of mild exercise for someone in their advanced years.


The Vacations


While you can always stick to your neighborhood golf course, there’s added fun in discovering a brand-new club or course away from home. After all, each of the grounds is different, and every course offers different challenges. Moreover, the farther you go from home, the more exotic the conditions of the courses tend to be. So yes, golf is the perfect excuse to go on a vacation to a faraway locale. Better yet, invite fellow golfers on the trip, too!


These five reasons are just some of the many things golf fans love about the game. So the next time you’re ready to dismiss golf as just a rich man’s game, think again—you may be missing out on a lot.

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