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3 Golf Workouts that will make YOU a Better Golfer

We’ve picked the best golf workouts for you. They are simple to do, and won’t take much of your time. So here they are, the three essential golf workouts you should do.

1. Hip Crossovers

Lower back and hips are two very important muscle groups for golf. Both of these muscle groups will be the dominant force for your swing.

They are also some of the most injury-prone muscles. Hip crossovers target both of this muscle groups in a single stretching exercise, making it a two-in-one exercise for great efficiency and benefits.

If you ask me which is the most important stretch in golf workout, the hip crossover is definitely on the top of my list! With that being said, it’s no wonder that it is the first one we will discuss today.

The core movement of this exercise is the rotation of the lower body. This rotation will stretch the tendons and muscles in your hips, lower back, and secondary muscle groups like the hip flexor.

Your golf swings are dictated by this rotation of your lower back and hips, and that is why the flexibility of these areas are so important. Both the top of your backswing and the follow-through will be dramatically improved if you have strong and flexible lower back and hips.

The hip crossover is a fairly simple exercise. Yet, it is important to maintain the correct form during your stretches to get the most benefits. Here is how you should do it:

  • Lie face up on a yoga mat or on the ground, arms stretched straight to your sides. Bent your knees roughly one foot wider than a shoulder-width. Heels flat at all times. This is your starting position.
  • Rotate your bent legs to the left first until they touch the ground. Hold for as long as you can (30-seconds is good). Go back to the starting position slowly.
  • Repeat step number two to the other side. This is one repetition.
  • Do six repetition for each direction. The key to this exercise is maintaining flat shoulders on the ground, and tighten your abs.

2. Leg Swings

The leg swing is a very simple exercise, yet you shouldn’t underestimate its benefits.

The leg swings will maintain the flexibility of your legs, hips, and thigh, which are all very important in maintaining a proper stance.

Not to mention, the leg swings will also help you prevent injury to those areas.

You can do the leg swing by standing against the wall, or by using a golf club as a pole (meaning, you can do it between rounds). Here is how you do it:

  • Stand roughly with your feet a shoulder-width apart. Hold the golf club as a balancing stick in front of you, hold it with one hand
  • Keep your upper body parallel to the ground at all times, swing one leg forward and backward.
  • Repeat for ten full swings, and repeat on the other leg (switch hand).

Very simple to do and will not take much time, a must-do before a round.

3. The Mini-Band Walk Forward

As the name suggests, for this exercise you will need to prepare two mini-bands. It is very affordable and easy to get. Not to mention, it is useful for many golf-related exercises. You should definitely grab one.

The mini-band walk forward targets the glutes, which is the key in maintaining a stable stance, an important base for your swing. Actually, many golfers failed to reach a higher swing speed because their glutes are not strong enough.

It is also very simple to do, and you can do it before a round. Here is how you do it:

  • Place a mini-band above your knees, and the other one around your ankles. This is the starting position.
  • Walk forward, keep your steps small. The key is to bent your knees so that they are over your toes throughout the walk.
  • Keep a straight posture, it is important to maintain your lower and upper back straigh at all times. Do it for 10 steps for a start, you can increase as you become comfortable with it.

Bottom Line

Did you enjoy the article? I certainly did! This is simply an introduction to the world of golf workouts – if you’d like to find out more, I recommend that you check out this in-depth article.

These three simple exercises can easily be done anywhere, even on the golf course between rounds. A proper warm-up and stretches can significantly affect your performance on the course, and there is simply no reason to neglect these exercises – including for tough exercises such as hitting a draw.

Please do leave a comment or contact us if there are any questions, and don’t forget to share this with your fellow golfers.


About the author:

Jordan Fuller is an experienced golf coach who has been training beginners over the last 25 years. After seeing the same mistakes being made over and over again, he’s decided to create a universal golf resource that sums up everything he’s seen and learned. It’s called Golf Influence. One of the articles he’s the most proud of is on how to improve one’s golf swing

How to Rock the Athleisure Look

All over the world, the althleisure trend is growing. The word—a portmanteau of “athletics” and “leisure”—refers to sporty apparel that can also be worn as everyday wear, which

means that people are ditching their ill-fitting, worn-out sportswear for more stylish get-ups that they can wear even outside of the gym or court. And this trend is spreading even to golf, where the plain old outfits of the past years are being replaced with more fashionable ones.


While we don’t expect you to turn up in sweatshirts during your next round of golf, we’re providing you with some tips to help you dress better while on the fairways.


Get the Perfect Fit


Don’t try to squeeze yourself into a size 4 when you’re a size 8. Something that’s too tight or too loose won’t do your look any favor, plus it will be uncomfortable when you’re playing golf. Hence, it’s important to choose the right size and the right cut for your body. By picking the right size, you can move freely and play comfortably; when you don clothes of the right cut, you can create a more flattering appearance. This is especially true of the athleisure look, as this trend puts an equal emphasis on both comfort and fashion.


For example, Swing Control’s golf pants, capris, shorts, and skorts feature a built-in waistband that helps create a flatter belly while lending more abdominal support. And don’t worry about finding the right fit, as these clothes are made from a stretch fabric that even lets you go down a size without the garment ending up too tight.


Choose the Right Fabric


Golf may not be the most strenuous of sports. However, you will still spend some time playing under the hot sun. That’s why it’s still important to wear clothes made of lightweight, breathable fabric—preferably moisture-wicking, quick-drying ones. These will help you feel more comfortable while you play because you won’t feel too hot or sticky when wearing clothes made from the right fabric. After all, no one wants to look drenched in sweat when going back to the clubhouse.


Add  a Splash of Color


Loud colors were first introduced to golf fashion back in the 1970s as part of that era’s flamboyant style. And while these colors are still available today, toned-down versions of these hues are better-suited for today’s athleisure look. Pastel shades, for instance, are perfect for adding a hint of color to your outfit, without being too attention-grabbing while playing on the course.


Be Pretty in Print


Of course, colors are just a start. Swing Control also offers golf bottoms with printed designs, from patterns to flowers. These prints are the perfect partner for plain-colored tops, as wearing too many prints at one time can lead to a confusing jumble of colors.




Make sure you have the right accessories to complete the athleisure look. Top your ensemble off with a classic visor, or wear a simple gold or silver necklace that’s paired with matching earrings. A pair of gloves and a wristwatch with a slim steel band is also are also nice additions.


Armed with these five tips, you can easily create the athleisure look when playing on the golf course—and even off it. For more golf fashion advice, follow the Swing Control blog today!

What We Love Most About the Game of Golf

Many people think of golf as just a rich man’s game—something only CEOs and other business types do in their spare time. In  their minds, these wealthy individuals treat the fairways as an extension of the boardroom, a place where hands are shook and deals are sealed. However, golf is more than that for its fans. Here are five things that we love about this beautiful, genteel sport:


The Calm and Focus


Many popular sports such as basketball rely on upping the tempo throughout the match. While golf doesn’t run out of thrilling moments, the game is played in a much quieter manner. Both players and spectators generally stay quiet throughout the match—a kind of politeness that’s rarely seen or heard in other sports, save perhaps tennis.


There are only a few moments of applause or cheer in a golf match. This quiet is even something you’d easily notice whether you’re watching on TV or live. The silence is usually broken only when a shot is perfectly executed and the ball goes into the hole.


This calm and focused approach is one reason why many people become enamored with golf. After all, if you’ve already survived a hectic workweek of chasing deadlines, you wouldn’t want to spend your weekend on the edge. You’d go for a more calming yet focused activity such as golf.


The Social Aspect


Yes, golf is not just for CEOs who want to socialize with clients or to network. However, it’s hard to deny the social aspects of the game. Since it’s played at a more leisurely pace, it’s also a great way to bond with family or friends.


The Fashion


Unlike other sports that require players to wear a specific uniform or jersey, golf generally allows people to wear what they want on the course—within specific rules and limits, of course. This has resulted in an interesting mix of colors and styles worn by golfers everywhere. From pastel shirts paired with floral-patterned skorts to printed golf pants paired with shirts in block colors, there are many options for golf fashion today.


The Timelessness of the Game


Since it’s not a too-strenuous activity, it’s common for people to play golf well into old age. Some even say that there’s really no retirement age for golf; as long as you can walk and swing the club, you can play. On top of that, walking around the golf course can also do your health some good—the perfect form of mild exercise for someone in their advanced years.


The Vacations


While you can always stick to your neighborhood golf course, there’s added fun in discovering a brand-new club or course away from home. After all, each of the grounds is different, and every course offers different challenges. Moreover, the farther you go from home, the more exotic the conditions of the courses tend to be. So yes, golf is the perfect excuse to go on a vacation to a faraway locale. Better yet, invite fellow golfers on the trip, too!


These five reasons are just some of the many things golf fans love about the game. So the next time you’re ready to dismiss golf as just a rich man’s game, think again—you may be missing out on a lot.

4 Reasons Why Golf is a Great Game for Your Kids

We all want our kids to be the next big thing at something. The challenge lies in finding out which sport or activity they’ll find enjoyable. Additionally, some parents may find more conventional sports to be too physical, exposing their kids to possible injuries. Thankfully, there are other sports out there that provide children with a safer outlet for their competitive spirit. Golf, for instance, might prove itself as an ideal sport for your kids. Here are just four reasons why:


Golf is Challenging But Safe


At first look, golf may not seem as physically demanding as other sports. However, hitting a ball to make it fly across a wide expanse of land with accuracy is harder than it seems. A lot of work is usually put into getting a golfer’s swing just right. Meanwhile, golf being an individual sport also gives young players plenty of room for one-on-one mentoring. This allows for efficient and guided development for your child. Additionally, the lack of physical contact will protect your child from injuries usually associated with rougher sports like football. You don’t even need to worry about getting protective gear. The only things players need are comfortable golf shoes, appropriate golf wear, and a healthy amount of sunscreen. All of these factors make for a competitive sport that won’t expose your kid to too many risks.


Courses Have Plenty of Fresh Air


Compared to more mainstream ball sports like basketball or football, golf takes place in much larger and more natural spaces. What’s more, golf courses contain a lot of vegetation and tend to be located farther from more polluted urban centers—providing plenty of fresh air. All these might have benefits for your child’s development. Indeed, studies have found that spending frequent time outdoors improves productivity and cognitive function. These factors and more provide children with a healthy positive environment as they play.


Golfing Improves Confidence and Self-Control


The game of golf is great for boosting self-esteem and helping control emotions. Because it isn’t a team sport, children must learn to have confidence in their own abilities and be responsible for their own actions. After all, even perfect swings won’t always put your ball where you want it to go. Even more, mistakes in golf can make you veer away from the shortest path to the hole. They might even leave you stuck in a sand trap or in a wooded area. But these miscalculations are part of the game. They teach players to be patient, to stay focused, and to make the best out of the hands they’re dealt. Indeed, golf can give children a great means to learn from their mistakes and help control their emotions—even outside the golf course.


Golf is Great for Building Connections


Usually, playing time in public golf courses is shared by a number of people at a time. This has built a need for specific rules of conduct to help different players on different parts of the course get along. The result is a sport that’s great for teaching children how to behave properly towards others. What’s more, golf is also a game that’s highly associated with the world of business. By having an early background in the sport, you can provide your child with an important life skill that will pay dividends in his later career.


Playing golf isn’t as easygoing as television broadcasts make it seem. It’s a challenging and competitive sport that can impart important life lessons to children. If you’re looking for an activity your kid might enjoy, then look no further than golf.

Top 5 Gym Workouts for Women Golfers

Are you a woman who enjoys playing golf? Want to improve your swing and take your game to the next level? Here at Swing Control, we advocate the importance of wearing the right outfit, such as women’s golf bottoms that won’t hinder your movements or make you feel uncomfortable. This helps you avoid one of the most annoying distractions on the golf course and to focus on your game instead. But aside from getting yourself acquainted with the right kind of golf wear, you also have to spend some time at the gym.


You read it right – the gym.


When it comes to golf, improving your games takes more than just practicing your swings. You may be standing still lining up your shots but swinging engages key muscles in your body. You need all the strength and flexibility to add distance to your drives and improve your control. Doing certain gym workouts helps you achieve these goals.


Another thing people don’t often consider is the fact that the dominant side of your body does most of the work when playing golf. That could cause muscle imbalance later on, which could affect your long-term weight distribution and even cause injuries due to uneven tension on the body. Fortunately, regular exercises at the gym can help prevent it from happening.

So which gym workouts work best for improving your golf game? Let’s check them out.




Deadlift engages a lot of core muscles in your body, but most importantly, it helps you work out your glutes. More power in your glutes means you can enhance your hip turns during a swing and have a better burst of strength.


How to do it:

  • Feet and arms at shoulder width apart, bend your knees and grip the barbell bar.
  • Lift your chest and straighten your back, then pull the bar.
  • Assume a straight standing position as you lock your hips and knees.
  • Push your hip back before bending your knees to put the bar down.


  1. Planks


Simple but effective, planks are meant to strengthen your core, your abs. A stronger, tighter core greatly reduces the risk of back injury when swinging and allows you to snap your torso faster, resulting in more powerful swings.


How to do it:

  • Get down facing the ground with your elbows bent underneath.
  • Raise your body until you’re supported only by your elbows and toes. Keep your back straight.
  • Hold for an entire minute before lowering your body.



Lunges improve the strength of the lower legs and ankles, keeping them balanced. Depending on your dominant side, you will have to put more work on the less dominant leg to prevent muscle imbalance.


How to do it:

  • Keep your upper body straight, your shoulders back, and your chin up.
  • Step forward with one leg, and lower your hips until both knees are bent at 90 degrees. Don’t let the rear leg’s knee touch the floor.
  • Push up with your front leg and repeat the same for the other leg


Seated Row


A great workout for your back and shoulder muscles, seated row reps help you attain proper posture, which is an essential part in making repeated, consistent swings. This is especially important for extended games which could tire out anyone with a bad back.


How to do it:

  • Sit in position with your shoulders back.
  • Grab the cable handle with one or both hands.
  • Pull the cable by leaning back, as if rowing a boat.


Wall Shoulder Stretch


Stretching your shoulders can improve its flexibility, giving your arms a wider range of motion and helps relieve tension built up from repeated swings. It’s also one of the most important gym workouts that you can do almost anywhere!


How to do it:

  • Stand next to a wall with feet shoulder width apart
  • Straighten out the arm closer to the wall; press your palm and shoulder against the wall and keep your arm straight.
  • After 30 seconds, repeat with the other arm.


You can also look for more specific gym workouts if you need to target specific areas of your body (for example, if you need a stronger grip or power on one arm). There are plenty more gym exercises that you can do to further enhance your power, balance, and strength, but these five gym workouts are a must if you want a good start.

The LPGA Stars of 2016

The LPGA Tour has seen some of the youngest female golfers to ever win on international-level competitions, but the 2016 season stood out in particular with an average winner’s age of only 22. The season lasted from January to November, with 33 tournaments held in over 14 countries. Out of the winners, two of them stand out in particular: Ariya Jutanugarn from Thailand and Chun In- Gee from South Korea


Ariya Jutanugarn


21-year old Ariya Jutanugarn has made history in 2016 as the first Thai golfer to win a major championship after getting first place at the Women’s British Open last July, beating out Mirim Lee (S. Korea) and Mo Martin (USA), but what truly defined her success this season was her winning her first three titles in consecutive fashion – a first in LGPA history. She would later win her first major and another tournament in back-to-back fashion, bringing her LGPA season’s win count to 5.

Further cementing her success this season, Ariya also won the 2016 Rolex Player of the Year Award, 2016 Money Title, and being the first in the Race to the CME Globe title at 6,800 points, beating South Korea’s Lydia Ko by 1,750 points and earning her a $1 million bonus at the end of the season.



Rolex Player of the Year
Race to the CME Globe
Money Winner


Tournaments Won:

Yokohama Tire Classic (May 8, 2016)

Kingsmill Championship (May 22, 2016)

LPGA Volvik Championship (May 29, 2016)

Ricoh Women’s British Open (July 31, 2016)

Canadian Pacific Women’s Open (August 28, 2016)


Season Earning:



InGee Chun

22-year old In Gee Chun won this year’s Vare Trophy by having a scoring average of 69.583 after closing with a 2-under 70 in the final round of the CME Group Tour Championship. She barely won over Lydia Ko by a small margin of only 0.013 points. This makes her the second rookie to ever win the prestigious trophy, preceded by Nancy Lopez way back in 1978.


Aside from the Vare Trophy, Chun also won her second major victory by winning the Evian Championship. She also received the Louise Suggs Rookie of the Year Award, finishing the season with one of the largest leads of all time. Her consistent performance has also allowed her to hold the number 3 spot in the Women’s World Rankings for nine straight weeks.



Vare Trophy (Scoring Leader)

Louise Suggs Rolex Rookie of the Year



Tournaments won:

Evian Championship (Sep 18, 2016)


Season Earning:



There are numerous other pro golfers who made waves during this season, which include the individual tournament winners, the leaders of the 5 majors, and those who have topped the Official Money and Scoring Average lists.


Most Tournaments Won


These players won the most number of tournaments during the 2016 LGPA Tour:


  1. Ariya Jutanugarn (Thailand) – 5 tournaments won, including 1 major
  2. Lydia Ko (New Zealand) – 4 tournaments won, including 1 major
  3. Ha Na Jang (South Korea) – 3 tournaments won


Majors Winners


Here are the winners of this year’s LPGA majors:


  1. ANA Inspiration – Lydia Ko (New Zealand)
  2. KPMG Women’s PGA Championship – Brooke Henderson (Canada)
  3. U.S. Women’s Open – Brittany Lang (USA)
  4. Ricoh Women’s British Open – Ariya Jutanugarn (Thailand)
  5. Evian Championship – In Gee Chun (South Korea)


Top 5 Money Leaders


The following are the top five money leaders this 2016 season:


  1. Ariya Jutanugarn (Thailand) – $2,550,928 over 28 events
  2. Lydia Ko (New Zealand) – $2,492,994 over 24 events
  3. Brooke Henderson (Canada) – $1,724,409 over 31 events
  4. In Gee Chun (South Korea) – $1,501,102 over 19 events
  5. Shanshan Feng (China) – $1,458,579 over 21 events


Top 5 Average Score


Here is a list of the top five average scorers for the 2016 season:


  1. In Gee Chun (South Korea) – 69.583
  2. Lydia Ko (New Zealand) – 69.596
  3. Ariya Jutanugarn (Thailand) – 69.870
  4. Shanshan Feng (China) – 69.877
  5. Ha Na Jang (South Korea) – 69.976


With the 2017 LPGA Tour just around the corner, it’s time drop the curtain on what is sure to be remembered as one of the most exciting season in women’s golf. Follow the Swing Control Blog for more updates in the future!

2016 LPGA Tour Highlights

Another year of competitive golfing has come and gone, allowing us to witness a handful of young and promising players, unbelievable comebacks, and first-time winners. As we wait for the 2017 season that’s just around the corner, it’s a good time to review the amazing feats we’ve seen so far. Let’s take a look back at some of the best moments of the 2016 LPGA Tour.


ANA Inspiration (Mar 31 – Apr 3): Lydia Ko Becomes Youngest Two-Time Major Winner


Lydia Ko was already making waves when she won the Evian Championship in September 2015, where she became the youngest woman to ever win a major championship. In 2016, she emerged victorious from the ANA Inspiration tournament. Though Ko was initially able to take the lead due to Lexi Thompson’s shaky start, Jutanugarn shifted the game’s momentum by pulling off three-consecutive birdies. Ko, on the other hand, was unable to land a single birdie for nine consecutive holes. Unfortunately, Jutanugarn ended up landing bogeys on the 16th and 17th holes. Thus, Ko finished the course with a score of 12-under par, just one shot ahead of In Gee Chun and Charley Hull. Thus, she made history by becoming the youngest player—at 18 years, 11 months, and 9 days—to win two major championships.


KPMG Women’s PGA Championship (Jun 9 – 12): Brooke Henderson Becomes Youngest Winner Ever


Brooke Henderson has always been a name to look out for in the golfing scene. During the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, she definitely made Canada proud as she faced off against Lydia Ko. Though the game began with Ko in the lead by two shots, Henderson drained a putt at par 5, 11th hole for eagle, turning the tables. Henderson eventually tied with Ko by landing a birdie putt at the par 3, 17th hole. On the 18th hole, Henderson won with an approach to three feet for birdie against Ko’s approach to 20 feet. Not only did 18-year-old Henderson win her first ever major championship, but she also became the youngest-ever victor of the tournament.


U.S. Women’s Open (Jul 7 – 10): Anna Nordqvist’s Delayed Penalty Leads to Brittany Lang’s Win


Though the U.S. Women’s Open may be the oldest of the five current championships, it’s one that’s become the center of a huge controversy. It seemed like it would be a tough play-off at the final hole for players Anna Nordqvist and Brittany Lang. However, the tides turned in Lang’s favor thanks to a delayed two-stroke penalty that was called on Nordqvist because her club touched the sand in a bunker on the second playoff hole. Unfortunately, Nordqvist was only informed of the penalty after she approach. Thanks to the two-shot lead, Lang was able to seal the win on the final playoff hole with a short par putt.


Ricoh Women’s British Open (Jul 28 – 31): Ariya Jutanugarn is Thailand’s First Ever Major Winner


Though it seemed like the trophy nearly slipped from her fingers, 20-year-old Ariya Jutanugarn won the Ricoh Women’s British Open at 16-under par. On the final round, Jutanugarn began with a score of 16-under par, creating a nearly five-stroke lead ahead of her competitors Mo Martin and Mirim Lee. Unfortunately, Jutanugarn landed double bogey at the par 4, 13th hole, closing the gap to just one stroke ahead of Lee. At the par 3, 17th hole, though, Jutanugarn managed to make a comeback, putting nearly 20-feet for a birdie, resulting in a two-stroke lead before the final hole.


Evian Championship (Sep 15 – 18): In Gee Chun Breaks Major Record with Lowest Ever 72-Hole Score


22-year-old South Korean In Gee Chun nearly lost her shot at the championship when her tee ended up in the left rough. Thankfully, she was able to recover by chopping back onto the fairway using a wedge and gliding her ball over the water. Once she sank the 10-feet putt, she finished with a score of 21-under par. Thus, she broke the record for the lowest winning score in a major tournament for both men and women. She has also made history as one of only two players whose first two LPGA wins came at majors. The other player was Chun’s compatriot Se Ri Pak, who made her mark back in 1998.


These defining moments make the 2016 LPGA Tour one of the most memorable seasons in the history of the LPGA and women’s golf as a whole. Stay tuned to the Swing Control Blog for more updates in the future!

Our Top 5 Favorite Golf Courses for Snowbirds

Is the winter season dampening both your spirits and your golfing experience? It’s understandable, of course. Compared to the warmer months of the year, winter poses a troublesome challenge for both golfers and golf course caretakers because the cold temperatures can result in turf loss, or a wet or snowy terrain. As such, some clubs opt to close down their courses until springtime arrives.

While it’s possible to enjoy rounds on a snow-covered green and fairway, it can be difficult because winter golf calls for different equipment and techniques. Plus, playing golf in freezing weather conditions can be tough or even unhealthy for some people. However, this doesn’t mean that you should put your clubs away this season. To keep those swinging and putting skills sharp this winter, you can head down south and play in courses where the turfs are evergreen!

Here are Swing Control’s favorite golf courses for snowbirds:

Shadow Creek

shadow creekBuilt over a 350-acre desert flatland in North Las Vegas, Nevada, by Las Vegas casino tycoon Steve Wynn and famous golf course architect Tom Fazio, this stunning 18-hole golf course is a refreshing sight amidst the region’s sandy landscape. With vibrant green trees, colorful flowers, and small waterfalls, Shadow Creek offers a magnificent yet challenging course layout.

This luxurious club lies within the Mojave Desert, so the climate is sunny and dry almost throughout the year. Winters are very mild, and even during the coldest days, you’ll only feel a bit chilly. Due to these conditions, the fairways almost never suffer from turf loss during the winter months. This makes Shadow Creek an ideal choice for those wanting to play golf away from the cold. Here, visitors can enjoy the club’s excellent facilities and play rounds of golf in any season. Keep in mind, though, that Shadow Creek is a highly exclusive golf club. To play here, you need to be a guest of an MGM resort or casino.


Los Angeles Country Club

Los Angeles Country ClubThe Los Angeles Country Club had its humble beginnings in the fall of 1897, when a group of local players comprising the Los Angeles Golf Club sought to promote golf, a game which was only starting to become popular at the time. It was then that the Los Angeles Country Club came to be. After a number of relocations due to overcrowding, this country club now sits proudly along Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

In this century-old club, golfers can play in 36 holes surrounded by formidable bunkers. As Los Angeles enjoys a Mediterranean climate, the weather is often dry and mild, with low chance of rainfall. The winters here can range from cool to warm, with sunny skies dominating the weather pattern.

The club is set to host the 2017 Walker Cup Match in September next year, so you may see some up-and-coming golfers practicing their winning shots on the greens.


Monterey Peninsula Country Club

Monterey Peninsula Country ClubLocated on the coast of Pebble Beach, California, the Monterey Peninsula Country Club is sure to take your breath away with its
spectacular ocean views and picturesque verdant landscapes.

Established by environmentalist Samuel Finley Brown Morse in 1925, this 5-star platinum club is perfect for snowbirds. The weather around the Monterey Peninsula is consistent throughout the year: mild and not too hot or too cold. This comfortable environment allows golfers to focus on sharpening their skills.

You can improve your long and short game techniques by challenging the 15 oceanfront holes of the Dunes Course and the Shore Course. Both courses have hosted the PGA Tour’s AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am from 1947 to 1966. After years of being excluded from the hosting rotation, the Monterey Peninsula Country Club will once again hold this prestigious golf tournament this coming February 2017. You also have the option of watching the thrilling matches as a spectator.


Augusta National Golf Club

Augusta National Golf ClubEstablished in 1933 by American golfer Bobby Jones and investment dealer Clifford Roberts, the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, has since become one of the most famous golf courses in the world. It ranked number 1 in Golf Digest’s 2009 list of America’s 100 greatest courses, and is currently ranked number 5 in Golfweek Magazine’s 2016 list of the best classic golf courses in the U.S.
Augusta National Golf Club is a favorite among many golfers during the colder months.

Augusta has a humid subtropical climate, so with winters being short and mild, snowbirds can tee off in comfort. As a former plant nursery, this club’s golf course is also teeming with a variety of stunning shrubs and magnificent tree specimens. You can hone your skills or enjoy a relaxing game in any one of its 18 holes.

This renowned golf club also has a long list of distinguished and high-profile members such as Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and IBM CEO Sam Palmisano. Esteemed pro golfers also frequent the course as the Augusta National Golf Club is known for hosting the annual Masters Tournament, a major championship game in professional golf.

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Pebble Beach Golf LinksDesigned and established by golf course architects Jack Neville and Douglas Grant in 1919, Pebble Beach Golf Links is a renowned golf course that has hosted some of the most exciting matches in golf history. Prominent tournaments for the the annual PGA Tour and the PGA Tour Champions, including the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, are often held in this distinguished golf course. It is also set to host the U.S. Open in 2019.

Aside from being home to many renowned golfing events, Pebble Beach Golf Links is also touted as one of the most beautiful courses in the world. With its beautiful ocean views, scenic rolling greens, and cliff-side fairways, it’s easy to see why. Moreover, the weather is always pleasant, even during the cold months.

As the chilliness of winter can affect your overall enjoyment of golf, it’s important to select a golf course that has favorable weather conditions. The golf courses listed here offer just that and more. Aside from their clement environments, these clubs also have great facilities and amenities that can help improve your performance. When you get there, make sure to check out the shops, where you can find Swing Control’s fabulous golf wear collections! Happy New Year!

The Upcoming Stars of Women’s Golf

Here at Swing Control, we have always been supportive of young women who exhibit outstanding talent in golf. Moreover, we know a remarkable story of firsts when we see one, and that’s what drew our attention to Israeli professional golfer Laetitia Beck. She has been our brand ambassador since early this year.


Ever since she won her first major victory at the Israeli Ladies Championship at the age of 12, Laetitia has played her way into becoming her country’s most notable golfing icon. She went to Duke University on a golf scholarship, playing with the Duke Blue Devils between 2010 and 2014. She was part of the team that won the NCAA Division I Women’s Golf Championship in 2014.


In July of 2014, Laetitia had her professional debut at the Women’s British Open, where she made history by becoming the first woman from Israel to break into professional golf. In December of the same year, Laetitia broke new ground again when she became the first Israeli to qualify for the PGA/LPGA Tour. Almost two years later, in August 2016, she represented Israel at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Games were a momentous occasion for Laetitia and the other competitors, as golf was making an Olympic comeback after a 112-year absence.


Meet the 2016 Louis Suggs Rookies


Over the years, the Louise Suggs Rolex Rookie of the Year Award has also provided us an annual glimpse into the most promising new players in women’s golf.  The rookies are ranked based on a system in which points are awarded according to their place at the end of every LPGA competition. The player who finishes highest in an event gets the most points, and the one who accumulates the most point is declared Rookie of the Year.


This year, the rankings is once again graced by the names of talented young women from all over the world, all of whom are expected to shake up the world of golf in the coming years. These ladies are just getting started, so get to know them now before they become among the sport’s biggest stars!


In Gee Chun, South Korea


2015 was an extraordinarily great year for Korean professional golfer In Gee Chun. Within the same year, she won majors for the LPGA of Korea Tour, the LPGA of Japan Tour, and the LPGA Tour, making her the first player in history to ever do so.


The year 2016 proved no different for the unstoppable In Gee. She broke records again when she won the 2016 Evian Championship with a record-breaking score of 21 under par—the lowest 72-hole score ever in a major tournament for either men or women’s golf.


Already ranked 3rd in the Rolex Women’s World Golf Rankings, In Gee is expected to break more grounds in years to come. And with her total earnings reaching over $1.5 million, she now stands as the richest rookie in the Louise Suggs list.


Megan Khang, USA


At an age when most young Americans are just graduating from high school, golfer Megan Khang was already making waves in the world of golf. In the summer of 2015, she was the low amateur at the U.S Women’s Open. For the 2016 season of the LPGA, she finished T6 to earn her LPGA membership.


To date, Megan has already turned a profit of over $330,000. These career highlights are only the beginning, though, and the future’s certainly looking incredibly promising for the 18-year-old.


Gaby Lopez, Mexico


A bona fide Olympian, Gaby Lopez finished 31st at the women’s golf competition during the 2016 Summer Olympics. In the same year, she earned her LPGA membership after finishing T10 at the final stage of the qualifiers.


As an amateur, Gaby played golf at the University of Arkansas, winning 3 events in collegiate competitions. She also won the 2013 Mexican Amateur Championship.


Su-Hyun Oh, Australia


Born in Busan, South Korea, Australian golf prodigy Su-Hyun Oh was only 12 years old when she qualified to play for the World Australian Open in 2009. Four years later, in 2013, she became a runner-up at the Australian Ladies Masters, one of the most important tournaments on the ALPG Tour and the Ladies European Tour. In 2015, she won the RACV Ladies Master, also a leading tournament on the ALPG Tour and the Ladies European Tour.


In 2016, Su qualified to play for the LPGA after finishing T32 during the final stage of the qualifiers. As a member of the Australian National Team, she also competed in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.


Annie Park, USA


As a college golfer at the University of Southern California, Annie Park was recognized as one of the leading collegiate players in the country, receiving the WGCA Player of the Year and the Pac 12 Freshman of the Year awards, as well as the Honda Sports Award for the top woman college golfer.


After turning pro in 2015, she joined that year’s Symetra Tour, for which she finished first place at the end of the season. She earned full membership on the 2016 LPGA Tour after finishing first on the Symetra Tour’s Volvik Race for the Card.


The Louise Suggs list is brimming with promising talents who are sure to create headlines in the near future. Led by the phenomenal In Gee Chun, these remarkable women will certainly inspire more young people to get into the sport we love. Do you have any favorite players of your own that we missed? Drop by the comments section below and tell us all about them!


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Swing Control Allows You to Focus on Golf, Not on What You Are Wearing

Ever since the founding of the sport, golf has always placed importance on what its players wear. Up to this day, wearing the right kind of clothing is still considered part of golf course etiquette. Furthermore, an emphasis on membership privileges also made it a sport that seemed to be reserved only for the elite. As time went by, however, dress codes in golf became less restrictive, and the game itself evolved into something that anyone can do as a hobby or as a profession.


However, despite these changes, almost all golf courses today still require players to wear certain types of shirts and golf bottoms. Some golf course managers may even call your attention if what you’re wearing is deemed distasteful or too unconventional. This is true for both male and female golfers.


Style and Performance


In addition to wearing the right kind of golf wear, you must also think about the quality of the clothes. Opt for apparel that not only looks good but can also help you improve your golf game. Remember, it’s wonderful to have stylish golf wear, but it’s even better if they are functional and don’t scrimp on the performance aspect.


When it comes to tops, the safest choice and most accepted type of shirts are ones that sport collars, such as polo shirts. You can even get away with wearing sleeveless tops, as long as they are collared. If you want to achieve a more multi-dimensional and interesting look, you can also layer your shirt with jackets, vests, pullovers, and other outerwear.


Whatever you do, just remember that denim is a general no-no in the world of golf. Muted down colors are also preferred, but they are not a requirement. Moreover, make sure that your tops are the right fit and are breathable so that they won’t hinder your swings.


Fashionable and Quality Golf Bottoms from Swing Control


When it comes to bottom-wear, you’ll want something well-fitting so that you won’t be self-conscious as you take shots from the fairway or as you putt on the green. Here at Swing Control, we create fabulous golf bottoms that look amazing on any body type.


Aside from having chic designs, our products are also made of Techno Stretch fabric. This fabric is a combination of lycra, nylon, and rayon, and it offers high stretchability that allows maximum freedom of movement. This is useful for when you are priming for a swing, as your hips, knees, thighs, and ankles all need to be able to bend and twist without restriction. Aside from this, our products’ unique Tummy Control Tech can smoothen and hug the contours of your body well, giving you a slim and flattering figure.


With the functionality and stylishness of our selection of high-quality pants, shorts, skorts, and capris, you’ll feel comfortable and more confident on the course. This leaves you free to concentrate on the most important thing: your golf swings and shots.