How to Rock the Athleisure Look

All over the world, the althleisure trend is growing. The word—a portmanteau of “athletics” and “leisure”—refers to sporty apparel that can also be worn as everyday wear, which

means that people are ditching their ill-fitting, worn-out sportswear for more stylish get-ups that they can wear even outside of the gym or court. And this trend is spreading even to golf, where the plain old outfits of the past years are being replaced with more fashionable ones.


While we don’t expect you to turn up in sweatshirts during your next round of golf, we’re providing you with some tips to help you dress better while on the fairways.


Get the Perfect Fit


Don’t try to squeeze yourself into a size 4 when you’re a size 8. Something that’s too tight or too loose won’t do your look any favor, plus it will be uncomfortable when you’re playing golf. Hence, it’s important to choose the right size and the right cut for your body. By picking the right size, you can move freely and play comfortably; when you don clothes of the right cut, you can create a more flattering appearance. This is especially true of the athleisure look, as this trend puts an equal emphasis on both comfort and fashion.


For example, Swing Control’s golf pants, capris, shorts, and skorts feature a built-in waistband that helps create a flatter belly while lending more abdominal support. And don’t worry about finding the right fit, as these clothes are made from a stretch fabric that even lets you go down a size without the garment ending up too tight.


Choose the Right Fabric


Golf may not be the most strenuous of sports. However, you will still spend some time playing under the hot sun. That’s why it’s still important to wear clothes made of lightweight, breathable fabric—preferably moisture-wicking, quick-drying ones. These will help you feel more comfortable while you play because you won’t feel too hot or sticky when wearing clothes made from the right fabric. After all, no one wants to look drenched in sweat when going back to the clubhouse.


Add  a Splash of Color


Loud colors were first introduced to golf fashion back in the 1970s as part of that era’s flamboyant style. And while these colors are still available today, toned-down versions of these hues are better-suited for today’s athleisure look. Pastel shades, for instance, are perfect for adding a hint of color to your outfit, without being too attention-grabbing while playing on the course.


Be Pretty in Print


Of course, colors are just a start. Swing Control also offers golf bottoms with printed designs, from patterns to flowers. These prints are the perfect partner for plain-colored tops, as wearing too many prints at one time can lead to a confusing jumble of colors.




Make sure you have the right accessories to complete the athleisure look. Top your ensemble off with a classic visor, or wear a simple gold or silver necklace that’s paired with matching earrings. A pair of gloves and a wristwatch with a slim steel band is also are also nice additions.


Armed with these five tips, you can easily create the athleisure look when playing on the golf course—and even off it. For more golf fashion advice, follow the Swing Control blog today!

What We Love Most About the Game of Golf

Many people think of golf as just a rich man’s game—something only CEOs and other business types do in their spare time. In  their minds, these wealthy individuals treat the fairways as an extension of the boardroom, a place where hands are shook and deals are sealed. However, golf is more than that for its fans. Here are five things that we love about this beautiful, genteel sport:


The Calm and Focus


Many popular sports such as basketball rely on upping the tempo throughout the match. While golf doesn’t run out of thrilling moments, the game is played in a much quieter manner. Both players and spectators generally stay quiet throughout the match—a kind of politeness that’s rarely seen or heard in other sports, save perhaps tennis.


There are only a few moments of applause or cheer in a golf match. This quiet is even something you’d easily notice whether you’re watching on TV or live. The silence is usually broken only when a shot is perfectly executed and the ball goes into the hole.


This calm and focused approach is one reason why many people become enamored with golf. After all, if you’ve already survived a hectic workweek of chasing deadlines, you wouldn’t want to spend your weekend on the edge. You’d go for a more calming yet focused activity such as golf.


The Social Aspect


Yes, golf is not just for CEOs who want to socialize with clients or to network. However, it’s hard to deny the social aspects of the game. Since it’s played at a more leisurely pace, it’s also a great way to bond with family or friends.


The Fashion


Unlike other sports that require players to wear a specific uniform or jersey, golf generally allows people to wear what they want on the course—within specific rules and limits, of course. This has resulted in an interesting mix of colors and styles worn by golfers everywhere. From pastel shirts paired with floral-patterned skorts to printed golf pants paired with shirts in block colors, there are many options for golf fashion today.


The Timelessness of the Game


Since it’s not a too-strenuous activity, it’s common for people to play golf well into old age. Some even say that there’s really no retirement age for golf; as long as you can walk and swing the club, you can play. On top of that, walking around the golf course can also do your health some good—the perfect form of mild exercise for someone in their advanced years.


The Vacations


While you can always stick to your neighborhood golf course, there’s added fun in discovering a brand-new club or course away from home. After all, each of the grounds is different, and every course offers different challenges. Moreover, the farther you go from home, the more exotic the conditions of the courses tend to be. So yes, golf is the perfect excuse to go on a vacation to a faraway locale. Better yet, invite fellow golfers on the trip, too!


These five reasons are just some of the many things golf fans love about the game. So the next time you’re ready to dismiss golf as just a rich man’s game, think again—you may be missing out on a lot.

4 Reasons Why Golf is a Great Game for Your Kids

We all want our kids to be the next big thing at something. The challenge lies in finding out which sport or activity they’ll find enjoyable. Additionally, some parents may find more conventional sports to be too physical, exposing their kids to possible injuries. Thankfully, there are other sports out there that provide children with a safer outlet for their competitive spirit. Golf, for instance, might prove itself as an ideal sport for your kids. Here are just four reasons why:


Golf is Challenging But Safe


At first look, golf may not seem as physically demanding as other sports. However, hitting a ball to make it fly across a wide expanse of land with accuracy is harder than it seems. A lot of work is usually put into getting a golfer’s swing just right. Meanwhile, golf being an individual sport also gives young players plenty of room for one-on-one mentoring. This allows for efficient and guided development for your child. Additionally, the lack of physical contact will protect your child from injuries usually associated with rougher sports like football. You don’t even need to worry about getting protective gear. The only things players need are comfortable golf shoes, appropriate golf wear, and a healthy amount of sunscreen. All of these factors make for a competitive sport that won’t expose your kid to too many risks.


Courses Have Plenty of Fresh Air


Compared to more mainstream ball sports like basketball or football, golf takes place in much larger and more natural spaces. What’s more, golf courses contain a lot of vegetation and tend to be located farther from more polluted urban centers—providing plenty of fresh air. All these might have benefits for your child’s development. Indeed, studies have found that spending frequent time outdoors improves productivity and cognitive function. These factors and more provide children with a healthy positive environment as they play.


Golfing Improves Confidence and Self-Control


The game of golf is great for boosting self-esteem and helping control emotions. Because it isn’t a team sport, children must learn to have confidence in their own abilities and be responsible for their own actions. After all, even perfect swings won’t always put your ball where you want it to go. Even more, mistakes in golf can make you veer away from the shortest path to the hole. They might even leave you stuck in a sand trap or in a wooded area. But these miscalculations are part of the game. They teach players to be patient, to stay focused, and to make the best out of the hands they’re dealt. Indeed, golf can give children a great means to learn from their mistakes and help control their emotions—even outside the golf course.


Golf is Great for Building Connections


Usually, playing time in public golf courses is shared by a number of people at a time. This has built a need for specific rules of conduct to help different players on different parts of the course get along. The result is a sport that’s great for teaching children how to behave properly towards others. What’s more, golf is also a game that’s highly associated with the world of business. By having an early background in the sport, you can provide your child with an important life skill that will pay dividends in his later career.


Playing golf isn’t as easygoing as television broadcasts make it seem. It’s a challenging and competitive sport that can impart important life lessons to children. If you’re looking for an activity your kid might enjoy, then look no further than golf.

Top 5 Gym Workouts for Women Golfers

Are you a woman who enjoys playing golf? Want to improve your swing and take your game to the next level? Here at Swing Control, we advocate the importance of wearing the right outfit, such as women’s golf bottoms that won’t hinder your movements or make you feel uncomfortable. This helps you avoid one of the most annoying distractions on the golf course and to focus on your game instead. But aside from getting yourself acquainted with the right kind of golf wear, you also have to spend some time at the gym.


You read it right – the gym.


When it comes to golf, improving your games takes more than just practicing your swings. You may be standing still lining up your shots but swinging engages key muscles in your body. You need all the strength and flexibility to add distance to your drives and improve your control. Doing certain gym workouts helps you achieve these goals.


Another thing people don’t often consider is the fact that the dominant side of your body does most of the work when playing golf. That could cause muscle imbalance later on, which could affect your long-term weight distribution and even cause injuries due to uneven tension on the body. Fortunately, regular exercises at the gym can help prevent it from happening.

So which gym workouts work best for improving your golf game? Let’s check them out.




Deadlift engages a lot of core muscles in your body, but most importantly, it helps you work out your glutes. More power in your glutes means you can enhance your hip turns during a swing and have a better burst of strength.


How to do it:

  • Feet and arms at shoulder width apart, bend your knees and grip the barbell bar.
  • Lift your chest and straighten your back, then pull the bar.
  • Assume a straight standing position as you lock your hips and knees.
  • Push your hip back before bending your knees to put the bar down.


  1. Planks


Simple but effective, planks are meant to strengthen your core, your abs. A stronger, tighter core greatly reduces the risk of back injury when swinging and allows you to snap your torso faster, resulting in more powerful swings.


How to do it:

  • Get down facing the ground with your elbows bent underneath.
  • Raise your body until you’re supported only by your elbows and toes. Keep your back straight.
  • Hold for an entire minute before lowering your body.



Lunges improve the strength of the lower legs and ankles, keeping them balanced. Depending on your dominant side, you will have to put more work on the less dominant leg to prevent muscle imbalance.


How to do it:

  • Keep your upper body straight, your shoulders back, and your chin up.
  • Step forward with one leg, and lower your hips until both knees are bent at 90 degrees. Don’t let the rear leg’s knee touch the floor.
  • Push up with your front leg and repeat the same for the other leg


Seated Row


A great workout for your back and shoulder muscles, seated row reps help you attain proper posture, which is an essential part in making repeated, consistent swings. This is especially important for extended games which could tire out anyone with a bad back.


How to do it:

  • Sit in position with your shoulders back.
  • Grab the cable handle with one or both hands.
  • Pull the cable by leaning back, as if rowing a boat.


Wall Shoulder Stretch


Stretching your shoulders can improve its flexibility, giving your arms a wider range of motion and helps relieve tension built up from repeated swings. It’s also one of the most important gym workouts that you can do almost anywhere!


How to do it:

  • Stand next to a wall with feet shoulder width apart
  • Straighten out the arm closer to the wall; press your palm and shoulder against the wall and keep your arm straight.
  • After 30 seconds, repeat with the other arm.


You can also look for more specific gym workouts if you need to target specific areas of your body (for example, if you need a stronger grip or power on one arm). There are plenty more gym exercises that you can do to further enhance your power, balance, and strength, but these five gym workouts are a must if you want a good start.