The Upcoming Stars of Women’s Golf

Here at Swing Control, we have always been supportive of young women who exhibit outstanding talent in golf. Moreover, we know a remarkable story of firsts when we see one, and that’s what drew our attention to Israeli professional golfer Laetitia Beck. She has been our brand ambassador since early this year.


Ever since she won her first major victory at the Israeli Ladies Championship at the age of 12, Laetitia has played her way into becoming her country’s most notable golfing icon. She went to Duke University on a golf scholarship, playing with the Duke Blue Devils between 2010 and 2014. She was part of the team that won the NCAA Division I Women’s Golf Championship in 2014.


In July of 2014, Laetitia had her professional debut at the Women’s British Open, where she made history by becoming the first woman from Israel to break into professional golf. In December of the same year, Laetitia broke new ground again when she became the first Israeli to qualify for the PGA/LPGA Tour. Almost two years later, in August 2016, she represented Israel at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Games were a momentous occasion for Laetitia and the other competitors, as golf was making an Olympic comeback after a 112-year absence.


Meet the 2016 Louis Suggs Rookies


Over the years, the Louise Suggs Rolex Rookie of the Year Award has also provided us an annual glimpse into the most promising new players in women’s golf.  The rookies are ranked based on a system in which points are awarded according to their place at the end of every LPGA competition. The player who finishes highest in an event gets the most points, and the one who accumulates the most point is declared Rookie of the Year.


This year, the rankings is once again graced by the names of talented young women from all over the world, all of whom are expected to shake up the world of golf in the coming years. These ladies are just getting started, so get to know them now before they become among the sport’s biggest stars!


In Gee Chun, South Korea


2015 was an extraordinarily great year for Korean professional golfer In Gee Chun. Within the same year, she won majors for the LPGA of Korea Tour, the LPGA of Japan Tour, and the LPGA Tour, making her the first player in history to ever do so.


The year 2016 proved no different for the unstoppable In Gee. She broke records again when she won the 2016 Evian Championship with a record-breaking score of 21 under par—the lowest 72-hole score ever in a major tournament for either men or women’s golf.


Already ranked 3rd in the Rolex Women’s World Golf Rankings, In Gee is expected to break more grounds in years to come. And with her total earnings reaching over $1.5 million, she now stands as the richest rookie in the Louise Suggs list.


Megan Khang, USA


At an age when most young Americans are just graduating from high school, golfer Megan Khang was already making waves in the world of golf. In the summer of 2015, she was the low amateur at the U.S Women’s Open. For the 2016 season of the LPGA, she finished T6 to earn her LPGA membership.


To date, Megan has already turned a profit of over $330,000. These career highlights are only the beginning, though, and the future’s certainly looking incredibly promising for the 18-year-old.


Gaby Lopez, Mexico


A bona fide Olympian, Gaby Lopez finished 31st at the women’s golf competition during the 2016 Summer Olympics. In the same year, she earned her LPGA membership after finishing T10 at the final stage of the qualifiers.


As an amateur, Gaby played golf at the University of Arkansas, winning 3 events in collegiate competitions. She also won the 2013 Mexican Amateur Championship.


Su-Hyun Oh, Australia


Born in Busan, South Korea, Australian golf prodigy Su-Hyun Oh was only 12 years old when she qualified to play for the World Australian Open in 2009. Four years later, in 2013, she became a runner-up at the Australian Ladies Masters, one of the most important tournaments on the ALPG Tour and the Ladies European Tour. In 2015, she won the RACV Ladies Master, also a leading tournament on the ALPG Tour and the Ladies European Tour.


In 2016, Su qualified to play for the LPGA after finishing T32 during the final stage of the qualifiers. As a member of the Australian National Team, she also competed in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.


Annie Park, USA


As a college golfer at the University of Southern California, Annie Park was recognized as one of the leading collegiate players in the country, receiving the WGCA Player of the Year and the Pac 12 Freshman of the Year awards, as well as the Honda Sports Award for the top woman college golfer.


After turning pro in 2015, she joined that year’s Symetra Tour, for which she finished first place at the end of the season. She earned full membership on the 2016 LPGA Tour after finishing first on the Symetra Tour’s Volvik Race for the Card.


The Louise Suggs list is brimming with promising talents who are sure to create headlines in the near future. Led by the phenomenal In Gee Chun, these remarkable women will certainly inspire more young people to get into the sport we love. Do you have any favorite players of your own that we missed? Drop by the comments section below and tell us all about them!


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Swing Control Allows You to Focus on Golf, Not on What You Are Wearing

Ever since the founding of the sport, golf has always placed importance on what its players wear. Up to this day, wearing the right kind of clothing is still considered part of golf course etiquette. Furthermore, an emphasis on membership privileges also made it a sport that seemed to be reserved only for the elite. As time went by, however, dress codes in golf became less restrictive, and the game itself evolved into something that anyone can do as a hobby or as a profession.


However, despite these changes, almost all golf courses today still require players to wear certain types of shirts and golf bottoms. Some golf course managers may even call your attention if what you’re wearing is deemed distasteful or too unconventional. This is true for both male and female golfers.


Style and Performance


In addition to wearing the right kind of golf wear, you must also think about the quality of the clothes. Opt for apparel that not only looks good but can also help you improve your golf game. Remember, it’s wonderful to have stylish golf wear, but it’s even better if they are functional and don’t scrimp on the performance aspect.


When it comes to tops, the safest choice and most accepted type of shirts are ones that sport collars, such as polo shirts. You can even get away with wearing sleeveless tops, as long as they are collared. If you want to achieve a more multi-dimensional and interesting look, you can also layer your shirt with jackets, vests, pullovers, and other outerwear.


Whatever you do, just remember that denim is a general no-no in the world of golf. Muted down colors are also preferred, but they are not a requirement. Moreover, make sure that your tops are the right fit and are breathable so that they won’t hinder your swings.


Fashionable and Quality Golf Bottoms from Swing Control


When it comes to bottom-wear, you’ll want something well-fitting so that you won’t be self-conscious as you take shots from the fairway or as you putt on the green. Here at Swing Control, we create fabulous golf bottoms that look amazing on any body type.


Aside from having chic designs, our products are also made of Techno Stretch fabric. This fabric is a combination of lycra, nylon, and rayon, and it offers high stretchability that allows maximum freedom of movement. This is useful for when you are priming for a swing, as your hips, knees, thighs, and ankles all need to be able to bend and twist without restriction. Aside from this, our products’ unique Tummy Control Tech can smoothen and hug the contours of your body well, giving you a slim and flattering figure.


With the functionality and stylishness of our selection of high-quality pants, shorts, skorts, and capris, you’ll feel comfortable and more confident on the course. This leaves you free to concentrate on the most important thing: your golf swings and shots.

Golf Pants, Capris, Skorts, or Shorts: Which Style Works Best for You?

Want to be the best golfer you can be? You might have done the drills and you’re constantly sharpening your skills, but there just might be one more thing you’re forgetting: what you wear on the golf course makes a difference!  Don’t scrimp when it comes to investing in the proper golf wear. Science can actually back us up on this one, with at least one study showing that the right clothes can actually impact your performance.


Apart from the need to follow golf course dress codes, it’s also important to dress well so you can feel comfortable and thus feel freer when playing. It’s true whether you’re talking about shirts, bottoms, or outerwear.


A lot of times, women find choosing golf tops quite simple. A classic collared polo shirt often does the trick. Picking the right kind of bottoms, on the other hand, can be a little more complicated.  If you’re not yet certain which type of bottom-wear works best for you, don’t fret. We’re here to help. Read on to find out what our style experts recommend.


Golf Pants


An item of clothing that is most in tune with the conservative dress codes of many golf courses, golf pants are especially wonderful for colder days. Classic, simple, and easy to wear, pants are a sure thing for players who are going for the timeless golfer look.


If you’re feeling playful or adventurous, try Swing Control’s Paisley Eagle Ankle Pants. Backswing Boot Cut Pants in solid colors work well with patterned tops.


Golf Capris


Capris have been around since the 1940s, reaching the height of their popularity in the 1960s. Today, you can channel the chic, classic look of women from these decades while looking sporty on the golf course at the same time. Swing Control has a collection of capri pants that will make you look sharp while teeing off from the tee box. With their hemlines falling just a few inches below the knees, capri pants are perfect for when you want the sleek look of pants while keeping cool at the same time.





A great, alternative to skirts, skorts are a sportier version of the staple garment which lets you move and bend without fearing unwanted exposure. They look like skirts, but underneath, they hide a pair of shorts! Be ready to play amazing rounds of golf while staying feminine at the same time. Swing Control’s Tropic Tee Time Skort, for example, looks beautifully girly with its floral design, but don’t let that fool you; it’s built with performance in mind.  Skorts are the ultimate rule-bender when it comes to golf apparel.



Things can get tricky when it comes to wearing shorts on the golf course because every club will have its own rule about it. For instance, you can be sent home when you wear shorts that are too small or shorts that look too sloppy. What is clear, though, is that athletic/running shorts and cut offs are a definite no-no. Still, you would be well advised to find out what your club’s dress code actually says, because if you like the breeze on your legs, then there’s just no price on the perfect pair of shorts.


Remember, when it comes to choosing the right golf bottoms, there’s no reason why you should settle for pieces that don’t look great. There’s no need to sacrifice style in favor of performance.  Moreover, the perfect golf outfit can even give you that extra confidence boost you need to achieve those impressive shots. For more inspiration on what to wear during your next game, check out the Swing Control lookbook today.


3 Warm Up Exercises to Do Before Your Golf Game

People have the perception that golf is an easy and undemanding sport. While this outdoor ball sport is indeed not as taxing as basketball and soccer, it doesn’t mean that golf poses zero physical challenges. If the right precautions aren’t taken, you may strain your muscles and joints, or sustain even more serious injuries. As such, pre-game warm-ups are essential for all players.


Experienced golfers know that just walking around and hitting and putting a few balls is not enough for warming up. As a normal golf swing uses much of your strength, you need to do more than that to prime your body for the stress it will take to swing your club with power.


Here are 3 warm-up exercises you should do before your golf game:


Body stretches


A few minutes of stretching can raise your core temperature and make your muscles more pliable and prepared for stress. Before the game, you should warm up the major body parts that play a key role in your swing.


You can begin with a standing twist. To start, keep your hips and legs stationary, then hug yourself and twist your body to the right at 90˚. Hold this pose for a few seconds for about 20 times. Repeat this twist but this time to the left.


After the standing twist, you can perform an overhead triceps stretch.  Put one arm over your head, positioning your forearm as close to the upper arm as much as you can. Follow this by grasping your elbow overhead with your other hand, and then pulling your elbow back. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds. Afterwards, do the same thing with the opposite arm.


The next body stretching exercise, the dynamic lunge and twist, focuses on warming up your legs. First, take a large step using your leading leg. In a controlled manner, lower your knees towards the ground until your knees are at 90˚. Next, rotate your torso from right to left while keeping your weight on the forward heel. After doing 12 reps, you can alternate with your other leg.


Golf swing warm-ups


When your arms, wrists, and legs are all limbered up, you can now do golf swing warm-up exercises and practice your shot routine. We suggest starting your practice with putting from various distances to familiarize yourself with the speed you need on the green.  The slow movement that putting requires is also helpful in synchronizing your body and mind for the game.  Plus, since you’ve already done a run through of your putt—the stroke that holes a ball—you’ll have a better feel of your putting skills later on in the actual game.


Aside from putting, don’t forget to practice your drives and other shots from different lies and distances to warm up your long and short game. This will also give you an idea on how to best land a shot on the type of grass and slopes a golf course has.


Keep in mind, though, that your swings and shots in your pre-match warm-ups are no clear indication of what your performance will be like in the real game. So, even though you missed holes in your warm-ups, it doesn’t mean that you will on the actual match as well.


Confidence-boosting exercises


How you feel during a game has a huge effect on your golf performance. Feeling nervous and anxious can cause you to commit mistakes, while feeling ready and confident can help you concentrate better. Therefore, make sure to also prepare yourself mentally.


First off, don’t put all your focus on victory or on getting a specific score as it can create pressure on you. Instead, think about hitting good and accurate golf shots. While walking or driving around the course, visualize the incoming game in your mind and imagine getting a birdie on each hole. Try to consider all the techniques you’ll need to achieve this. By doing this, you have something to aim for that you can visualize, as opposed to just thinking about winning, which is full of uncertainty.


Moreover, you should always try to have a positive attitude towards the sport. Remember that above everything else, having fun is what matters. Putting your mind on enjoying a round can take away unnecessary anxiety about your golf performance.After doing these simple pre-game warm-ups, you can reduce the chances of straining your body, incurring injuries, or getting mentally taxed during your golf games. To complement these exercises, also make sure to wear one of Swing Control’s stretchy and form-flattering golf bottoms for maximum freedom of movement and comfort. Remember wearing ill-fitting apparel while warming up can cause more problems. With the right exercises and clothes, you will feel more at ease and focused while playing a round. You’ll get your bodyand mind primed and ready for anything.

Why Golf Is a Great Game for Your Daughter

Golf isn’t just a man’s sport. After all, there are a fair number of women making a name for themselves in the sport. One such person is Lydia Ko, the youngest top professional golfer in history. At the age of 17, she became the youngest player to win the Evian Championship in France. And all of this began when she started to play at the tender age of five. There are also the likes of Inbee Park, Lexi Thompson, and many other women who excel in the sport and are at the top of their game.


If your family plays golf, then you could try getting your daughter into it as well. After all, you never know if she could be the next big talent in the sport. But even if she doesn’t end up planning to go that far, having her learn the game can still be a rewarding experience. Let’s take a look at five reasons why golf is a great game for your daughter to play.


  1. There’s a lesser risk of personal injury


Unlike basketball or soccer, golf is a non-contact sport. You won’t need to worry about your daughter getting shoved or pushed to the ground and getting injured. If you want to make the game even safer for her, you can teach her the proper postures to assume while on the green, the rough, or the fairway. This includes standing with the feet at shoulder width, having the knees slightly bent, and taking a relaxed pace when swinging.


  1. It’s good physical exercise


Golf isn’t just about hitting the ball into the hole. Any seasoned professional will tell you that you’ll need to train your body so that it moves in a coordinated fashion when you swing. As a matter of fact, Golf Digest recommends training the stomach, hip, and lower back muscles. Having your daughter take up this sport is a good way for them to get into an exercise regimen. Regular training sessions can also help build the needed dedication for the game.


  1. Golf teaches discipline


This point is related to the second one because staying fit needs a strong sense of commitment to get good results. But that’s only half of what this reason is about. Despite not being as active as most sports, golf etiquette is still offers an important set of guidelines for players to follow. Playing golf helps your daughter learn simple courtesies like waiting for your turn to swing, communicating with your caddie, and being a good sport to other players. All these contribute to helping them develop great character, both in and out of the course.


  1. It’s an opportunity for family bonding


Aside from being a competitive sport, golf can be an opportunity for parents to bond with their daughters. If you want to make things more fun, you can even try to invite her friends along. After all, girls are more social, and they like to do things in groups. It’s advisable to have her play with others her age to ease the nervousness she might feel while starting out.

Playing golf is no excuse to not have a fashionable wardrobe. Here at Swing Control, for example, we have numerous stylish capris, pants, shorts, and skorts that you can choose from. These products help players perform better because they promote freedom of movement. Our signature Tummy Control Technology makes our clothes fit like a glove and helps players perform better by offering freedom of movement.


You can have your daughter develop a similar sense of style that doesn’t scrimp on comfort, performance, and technical features. This way, she can make smarter choices when it comes to purchasing sportswear and sporting gear in the future.


If you’re looking to spend quality time with your daughters, golf offers the perfect opportunity for you to do so. Not only will you both have lots of fun, playing golf could also help your child stay fit and develop a sense of discipline. Who knows, you might even be mentoring a future golf pro today.




Swing Control’s Top 3 Golf Putter Picks

Picking a putter is one of the hardest decisions a golfer can make. After all, these clubs can mean the difference between landing that ball into the hole or not. While there are tips that can help you improve your stroke, you still need the right club to use on the green.


Indeed, it is important to pick your putters wisely. In this article, we’ll talk about Swing Control’s top three picks and why we love them. Whether you prefer the blade or mallet types, we’ve got great recommendations to help you step your game up.


  1. Nike Method Matter


Our first entry is one of Golf Monthly‘s top picks for 2016, and for good reasons. The Nike Method Matter offers different options for the head, including mallet and blade types. Adding to its versatility is the fact that the weights can be changed during a custom fitting. This means you can adjust the club to fit your personal preferences.


Another feature of the club is the grooved RZN insert that gives the ball a faster forward roll. This means you don’t have to stress yourself with a stronger stroke when on the green. One thing to watch out for is that the ball might roll slightly longer than your expected distance, so it’s recommended that you practice with this putter first.


  1. Cleveland TFi Halo Putter


If alignment is one of your main woes, then this is the putter for you. The TFi Halo uses a Dual Axis Alignment feature to help you line up your shots easily. The parallel and perpendicular lines match the radius of the ball, making it easier to aim the putt. With this setup, the manufacturer claims that your shots become 23% more accurate than most of the popular putters in the market.


This mallet-type club also uses a copper-infused cap over a copolymer insert, giving it a more consistent feel. For those who need a stable club that’s easy to align with the ball, then this is the choice for you.


  1. Ping Faith Craz-E


Alignment, stability, and accuracy are the three things that define our third pick. The Craz-E is notable for its balance and feel, both of which make the putter comfortable to hold. It has been recommended by Golf Today for use by women.


Much like the Cleveland TFi Halo, the Craz-E also makes it easy for players to align the ball. The difference is that it uses a urethane insert for a consistent response and a better distance control. This is a great option for those who want to hit the ball at just right length to the hole.


While picking the right putter may be challenging, there are things you can do to make your search easier. You can visit various online sources to discover the clubs’ product features, to read reviews from other buyers, and to check out what golf experts are saying about them.


After you’re done shopping for a new putter, also consider getting new outfits for your next game. At Swing Control, we have a wide collection of stylish and high-quality golf pants, capris, shorts, and skorts that you can choose from. Check out our sale page to discover items that are currently discounted!