Our Favorite Golf Shoes This Season

The key to an impressive swing and an overall better golf performance lies with a great pair of golf shoes. After all, golfers stand and walk around a course for hours.  Good stability and balance is also essential when priming for a swing. In the end, it all comes down to what you’re wearing on your feet. The right golf shoes provide protection, comfort, and steadiness, all factors that contribute to one’s golf play.

Different sportswear companies understand the importance of proper golf shoes and are constantly creating innovative footwear that features the best technology. But with new products coming out left and right, it can be difficult to select a pair.


To get a better idea on what’s new and trending on the market, here are Swing Control’s top picks for this season. Not only are these shoes functional, they also work well with our fabulous golf bottoms.


Women’s Biom G2 ECCO


With a new Technical Insole System incorporated in its soles, the Biom G2 prevents excessive foot movement that can occur during a swing, giving wearers optimum control while on the field. It’s also lightweight and has cushions that offer both stability and comfort. Plus, its special leather is durable and resistant to hardening, making it suitable for year-round use. Pair this with Swing Control’s simple but elegant Eagle Ankle golf pants for a sophisticated and clean look on the fairway.


Women’s Faas Lite Mesh, Puma
Noted for its trendy and comfortable footwear, Puma continues to uphold this tradition of great design with its Faas Lite Mesh. Aside from its selection of nice designs and colors, this footwear is also breathable and ultra-light. The flex grove sole at the ridge of the shoe also provides flexibility and traction.  Our Zip Master Short’s fashionable cut and design is the perfect match for the bold Faas Lite Mesh.
Women’s ClimaCool II, Adidas
This sleek shoe features a stretch gore collar and cloudfoam sockliners that provide maximum comfort and breathability. The arch support and light cushioning also makes this footwear great for players who suffer from muscle-joint problems and arthritis. The Swing Plane Traction incorporated in its soles also enhances grip and traction.  In addition, it’s quite durable with the Adiwear outsole lugs providing resistance to abrasion. This pair of shoes goes well with our stylish Chip Short.


Women’s Minimus Sport Spikeless Golf Shoes, New Balance


This pair of shoes from New Balance resembles and feels like running shoes, except it has thick rubber outsoles to provide better traction.  Its REVlite midsole cushions your feet comfortably, and because of its spikeless soles, it’s quite light on the feet.  It’s also versatile and can be used in different seasons because of its dual-density integrated spikeless console, breathability, and water-resistant features. Swing in style with these shoes while rocking our Paisley Fairway Crop pants for a chic yet sporty look.


Fi Impact, Nike

With Nike’s Fi Impact, you can work the greens with ease. Known for their shoes that give optimum ground feel and freedom of movement, Nike incorporates special free-running and free-moving technology in many of their products. The Fi Impact is no exception.  Designed with the Nike Dynamic Fit System and a Free-Inspired outsole, these shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and flexible.  In addition, its lug patterns are engineered to provide traction and lateral support while walking. Our equally comfy and slimming Snap Master Crop pants is just as flexible and comfortable, making it a great piece to partner with the Fi Impact.


The saying “good shoes take you to good places” rings true in golf. In a sport that relies on balance, precision, and concentration, the proper footwear can make or break a game. So, make sure your pair is the right fit and style for you.


How does Swing Control Golf Wear Shape Your Game?

Wearing the proper clothes for golf goes beyond your club’s dress code. There are more practical reasons for these rules. For one thing, comfort is crucial to any sport, and golf is no different. For another, whether you’re a professional or an amateur player, you’ll need outfits that can help you move properly to make those perfect swings.


In the same way that basketball players wear their jerseys on the court, golfers also need clothes that can allow them to play the way they need to. This is primarily because you have to have proper posture and freedom of movement in order to make the most of every shot you take. For instance, hip rotation is one of the most vital actions of your swing, so having the right bottom-wear is a must. At Swing Control, we take such details seriously. Our products don’t only look stylish, they are also functional and built with performance in mind.


Let’s take a look at how Swing Control’s golf wear helps you shape your game.


Various styles to choose from


The good news for women is that they have more golf outfits to choose from compared to men. With dress codes becoming less restrictive in many clubs, women can now wear sleeveless shirts and even turtlenecks. These can be paired with different types of bottoms to complement their styles.

One such bottom is a pair of capris, which we offer in Swing Control. It is something like a middle ground between shorts and pants and is perfect for any weather. It is even stylish enough to be worn every day outside of the course.


Different bottoms to match the weather


Because golf is an outdoor sport, golfers have to contend with varying weather conditions. These include the blistering summer heat and chilly autumn winds. This is why having the right clothes on for the season can give you an advantage .


In summer, for instance, wearing skorts can help you move easily while keeping your legs cool at the same time. But if you need to keep warm during the colder months, then you can wear pants to stay comfortable. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than your legs shivering from the cols while you’re lining up a shot.


The Tummy Control tech


Being stylish isn’t just the main selling point of Swing Control’s bottom-wear. They’re made to be functional as well. The signature feature of our products is our Tummy Control Tech, which combines the best features of fabrics like rayon, nylon and lycra. It helps you perform well on the golf course while making you look slim at the same time. Tummy Control gives our products superior stretchability so you can move and take shots with ease.


These are just some of the great features of Swing Control’s products. From the wide range of styles to the superior fabric construction, you’re sure to have an advantage in any weather condition. If you’re interested in shaping your game and taking it to the next level, check out our product pages for our latest offerings.