How High-Performance Golf Wear Can Improve Your Golf Game

They say that good shoes take you to good places. But what really makes a good pair of shoes? The same can be asked of high-performance golf wear. What makes a product excellent? And can it really improve your game? Spending on high-quality sports apparel can often make buyers wonder if the expense is worth it. The truth: it often is!

Golfers brave the elements every round, and they rely on comfort and freedom of movement to make the most of their shots. As such, clothing can have a significant role in determining how players perform in a match.

Here are some of the ways high-performance golf wear can improve your golf game:

You’ll feel way more comfortable
In sports, comfort is key. It is hard to read the green or pick a shot when you are uncomfortable. Ill-fitting clothes can also restrict movement, make you feel sore, and even damage your skin. Can you imagine putting on a pair of pants that is too tight or hugs your legs in all the wrong places? It’s bound to make you more prone to make mistakes as you become increasingly uncomfortable and self-conscious.
Good-quality golf wear that fits well gives you physical and mental ease. Try Swing Control’s Snap Master Crop, a pair of golf pants that is stretchable and have a wide wraparound waistband that will give you the support you need as you play from hole to hole.

Golf apparel is specifically designed for golf
High-performance golf shirts, shorts, and pants enable better and more natural movement. Bottom-wear that fits well and stretches easily, for example, prevents your knees from getting strained. On the other hand, pants that are too stiff can restrict movement, giving an opportunity for sore muscles to develop. Another good feature of specially designed active wear is sweat-wicking quality, which keeps you from feeling excessively hot or damp.

Sports apparel is made for the specific purpose of helping athletes perform their best. When it comes to playing golf, wearing the right clothes also helps you concentrate better by making you physically comfortable.

It boosts your confidence
Scientific studies have shown that what you wear can actually affect how you feel and think about yourself. And we all have that outfit that makes us feel great, right? This is true for golf wear, too. By donning high-quality golf apparel that looks amazing, you’ll feel like a pro. This psychological edge paired with the physical comfort of the garment can improve your game.

It lowers your risk of incurring injuries

Yes, you can get injured when playing golf. Back pain, sprained wrists from faulty club handling, and falls from poor footwear with no traction are some of the more dangerous ones. But getting sunburned or getting stiff limbs from the cold are also possible injuries. Golfers play outdoors, so it makes sense that what you wear should serve as protection for your body. High-performance apparel can help by regulating your body’s temperature and protecting you from the sun and the cold.

High-performance golf wear is designed to handle the elements and the stresses of frequent use. If the clothes require gentle treatment, it is probably best to replace it with something tougher, as sportswear needs to stand up to heavy use.

In conclusion
Golf wear quality is determined by three important factors: fabric used, seam strength, and care requirements. If your golf wear is highly stretchable, recovers well (retains firmness and size even after being stretched), is carefully constructed, and is machine washable, then you’ve got yourself great-quality and durable clothing. This means that you can wear these clothes without worrying about having to replace them anytime soon.
Our selection of garments here at Swing Control possess all these qualities, with an added splash of style. With their lovely colors and pretty patterns, these clothes work even outside the golf course and are therefore great additions to your wardrobe!
Indeed, investing in good-quality golf wear is advantageous in terms of convenience, cost, and style. Top-notch apparel that is fashionable, comfortable, and durable can serve you well for a long time.

The Tummy Control Technology in Every Pair of Swing Control Golf Pants

Even though dress codes still exist in most golf courses and golf clubs today, golfers these days are lucky to be able to choose from a variety of clothing options, many of which are actually comfortable and can even help improve their game. Gone are the days of heavy tweed jackets, stifling ties, and stiff leather shoes!

Nevertheless, golf etiquette still calls for specific apparel to be worn on certain courses and on certain occasions. For instance, collared shirts tucked inside tailored pants or shorts plus matching belts and shoes are pretty much the standard golf wear for men. During windy conditions, layering with an appropriate pullover sweater, cardigan, vest, windbreaker, or other classic piece is recommended.

Women actually have more options when it comes to dressing up for a game. Although their shirts also need to have collars, some tops don’t have to be tucked in because they are designed to be worn over shorts or pants.

When it comes to women’s bottoms, there are also a number of garment types that are considered acceptable on the golf course. These include capri pants, shorts, and skorts, which is basically a pair of shorts covered with a skirt. At Swing Control, we have all of these active wear pieces in various colors and prints, and we also have different types of classic golf pants that are available in different cuts.

Our products are engineered with tummy control technology and are made of Techno Stretch fabric—a sophisticated combination of rayon, nylon, and lycra. This gives each article of clothing superior stretchability that allows you to move around the golf course with ease. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to crouch down, stretching to warm up, or playing a round: our products provide optimum freedom of movement every time. To top it all off, Swing Control’s golf apparel also shape and smooth the body like no other. The fabric stretches flatteringly over the contours of your hip, thighs, and legs, all while providing the support that your body needs.

Our products also come with a distinctive magnetic ball marker and tee loop on the waistband—practical features that are useful on the course and look great as decorative details when you’re wearing Swing Control off the course!

If you like the idea of having fabulous golf wear that is functional, durable, and stylish, check out our products today. Visit our New Arrivals page to see our latest offerings, or discover some of our classic bestsellers by checking out each product category.

Top Tips for Better Swing Control

Refining your skill with a golf club is important if you want to improve your game between the tee and the flagstick. Swing control is a skill that is developed only after many hours of training and practice, and there’s really no single technique that you can use to make sure that the ball will fly the way you want every time.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that you can do to enhance your club use. In this post, we’ll discuss some tips that you can follow to improve your game and show your golf buddies who’s the boss!


Position your body correctly during address

women's golf outfitsThe address stage is when you set up your body to adjust your aim. Begin by evaluating the ball from behind, envisioning a line from the ball to your target. Place the clubface behind the ball such that it is perpendicular to the target and envision where you want it to land. Next, get your body into position by aligning your feet left of the target line. Your upper body should be parallel to the target line.

Make sure that you are balanced and that you have secure footing so that your swing won’t get skewed when you strike the ball. Stand straight with your legs apart, distributing your body’s weight evenly on both feet. Afterwards, squat just a little until your knees are slightly bent and your derriere is just slightly pushed back. The clubface should be able to reach the ball when your strike; otherwise adjust your position accordingly.


Follow the correct sequence of body movements during backswing

golfers4Once you are comfortable with your position, it’s time to bring your club up for the backswing. Don’t simply move your hand and arms away from the ball; instead, also rotate your entire upper body after you’ve swung the club and your arms away from the ball. Swing the club first, then your hands, and then your arms.

With the help of the momentum coming from your hands and arms, turn your shoulders, then your upper torso, and then rotate your hips until the shaft of the club is up in the air, almost parallel to the intended line of target. This way, you can achieve a downswing that will deliver a strike along your intended line of flight for the ball.


Be aware of your swing plane during downswing

Correctly positioning the club at the top of the backswing allows you to establish the proper swing plane so that when you go for the downswing, you’ll be able to deliver the clubface to the ball using the same plane that you have just previously created. Don’t deviate from the swing path such that the club shaft becomes too “flat” or comes too low behind your body when you’re finally swinging down the club. If you do, you’re likely to cause your ball to slice or hook. Also, make sure to use a neutral grip, with both hands applying force equally and not one hand overpowering the other.


Wear the right clothing

Wearing the proper clothing when playing golf can sometimes mean the difference between a good shot and a bad one. When you’re out on the course, you’ll want to be wearing something that is really comfortable and gives you great freedom of movement. And yes, it has to look good on you too!

You’ll also want your clothes to be appropriate for all golf courses, considering there are many clubs and courses with very strict dress codes. That is why at Swing Control, we only make fashionable golf wear that is also golf course-appropriate. Aside from their fantastic construction, durability, and light weight, our golf apparel also comes with the revolutionary tummy control technology, which helps in overall comfort and makes you look slimmer.

To learn more about our products, please view our Look Book. You may also see our latest discounted products in our Sale section. Happy golfing!


Complete Your Golf Wardrobe for the Fall Season with Swing Control

Who says golf fashion is boring? Far from it! While usual dress codes call for simple and modest golf wear, female golfers can still sport an assortment of styles that suit their tastes and the current season. With fall knocking on our doors, bright hues will soon be traded in for warmer colors and earth tones. Oranges, browns, intricate patterns, and warmer garments are favorite fall fashions and golf fashion is no exception.

Golf is an outdoor sport so wearing the right apparel is a crucial factor in achieving optimum performance. Proper clothing is essential when on the course in the summer sun or chill winds. It is also a part of proper course etiquette.

In the past, strict dress codes usually meant little room to experiment. But it’s quite different now as course rules become more lenient. New trends, creative colors and patterns, and innovative clothing technologies are being embraced on the golf course, and sometimes, it’s even tough to keep up with all the new things that are coming out every season. Thankfully, Swing Control has got you covered with the latest in comfortable and fashionable golf apparel. You’ll ace those holes on the course comfortably and in style.

Known for creating fashionable and high quality garments, Swing Control incorporates amazing tummy control technology and impressive stretch capacity into its golf wear, providing apparel that looks great on any woman and can be used on and off the golf course.


Get in Style with Swing Control

Shorts and Skorts

white golf skortThough summer is already coming to a close, there’s no harm in pulling on a pair of shorts for a round. Golf shorts are usually cut just above the knees, providing just enough coverage for early fall conditions. Our Zip Master Short is stylish and offers an enhanced slimming effect that is very comfortable. Our shorts don’t have tight waistbands that restrict movement and cause discomfort.

You can also don skorts (skirt with shorts underneath), which provide wearers maximum freedom of movement while looking feminine. This type of bottom-wear will make you feel unafraid to crouch or move about. The sexy and elegant Tee Time Skort comes in an array of colors that work on all skin tones. Its techno stretch fabric also means it fits comfortably on anyone.



Capris have that seemingly perfect length: not too short or too long, suitable for all seasons. Swing Control’s selection of capris is also perfect for summer and fall. Try our functional and fashionable Pocket Master Capri while practicing your swing at the range. This capris’ special built-in tummy control waistband will help give you a sleek silhouette.


Laetitia beck Golf SwingThe autumn winds might give golfers the chill, which can affect one’s steady posture. A good swing relies on a solid stance, and shivering knees and stiff limbs can ruin what could be a great shot. To avoid this, opt for some comfortable pants. The intricately patterned Paisley Eagle Ankle pants will do the trick. The pant leg is cut at just the right length above your ankles and is un-cuffed. This is to prevent the fabric from collecting dirt and grass as you walk through the grounds.

Having many eyes on you as you strike a ball can be nerve-wracking. Golfers have much to think about when playing a round, including good course etiquette, the clubs to use, the right technique to apply in swinging, and the direction of the wind that can affect the ball’s trajectory. Wearing a style that you know looks fantastic and is comfortable can boost not only your self-confidence, but also your performance. Nail that stroke play!