The Masters – Swing Control

By: Alice and Danny Scott —


Azaleas at The Masters are heralds of spring while the company Swing Control claims to be “The Masters of Tummy Coswingcontrolskortntrol” year round. Well, they do seem to have nailed it. I like the way they use their Lycra. If you are thinking grueling girdle garb, or suffocating spanx, think again. This is a comfy insert that allows free swinging movement with easy on and off, no squishing struggles, no slipping down during the round and having to pull up.

That’s great but even better is the design elegance of Swing control bottoms. Pretty zippers and silver metal snaps add snappy flair.  Shorts, capris, skinny leg or boot cut pants are personal fashion preferences. Swing Control offers all the choices with the elasticized comfort and detailing available in each.

swingcontrolshorts-768x391Maybe you’ll like the resort short, chip short, or zipper master short. Capris are pretty in Classic, Club or Pocket designs. Or select from the Fairway Crop or one of my favorites, the Snap Master Crop with 6 silver circular snaps on the outside of the bottom leg and matching snaps on back pocket. The white or black pair goes with everything.

Pants available are Eagle Ankle or Backswing Bootcut and skorts are Teetime or Birdie. The lightweight fabric makes for easy roll up and packing for traveling.

Who wants super slimming? Most of us do. Sure, big can be beautiful too but we all want smooth and Swing Control delivers that. It really works.

Black, white, baby pink, mint, yellow, electric blue and new red are the color choices depending on the style. All have the signature magnetic ball marker and tee loop on the waistband – handy on the course, simply decorative for wearing elsewhere.

They call it the most flattering golf wear you will ever wear. You have to try to believe. For a limited time new shoppers get 20%off online at Gift certificates are available and Mother’s Day is coming up, hint, hint.